Friday, May 20, 2016

Hail pounds parts of Dona Ana County

Photo of a street in Las Cruces, NM with hail all over the ground
Hail in Las Cruces on May 18, 2016
On May 18, 2016 a storm moved through Dona Ana County dropping pea to marble sized hail. In some locations, crops and garden plants sustained significant damage from this storm. In addition to the physical injury created by the hail and wind, the plants are now vulnerable to infection by fungi and bacteria that can take advantage of the wounds. In some situations, the use of fungicides/bactericides may be helpful in preventing or reducing additional losses to these organisms.

A composite photo of an onion field - the photo on the leaf shows a good stand of healthy plants, the photo on the right show the same field 2 days later after a hail storm that removed much of the foliage
Onion field one week before hail storm (left) and 2 days after hail storm (right)
(Photos: Jason French, NMSU - PDC)

Composite photo of a grape vineyard showing tattered leaves and pock marked fruit caused by hail
Hail damage on grapes - approximately 30% of the grapes at the
Fabian Garcia Ag Science Center were damaged by the storm
(Vine photos: Jason French, NMSU - PDC;
Fruit photo: Daniel Goodrich, NMSU - Viticulture Program)

A composite photograph showing tattered pecan leaves damaged by hail
Pecan leaves damaged by hail (Photos: Jason French, NMSU - PDC)

A composite photo of a tomato leaf - the photo on the left was taken immediately following the hail storm and show holes in the leaf, the photo on the right was taken of the same leaf 3 days later and shows the leaf starting to die and developing necrotic tissue
Tomato leaf damaged by hail: photo on left was taken immediately
following the hail storm and the photo on the right, of the same leaf, was
taken 3 days later (Photos: Natalie Goldberg, NMSU - PDC)

Green tomato fruit with light green spots where hail hit the fruit
Hail damage on tomato fruit
(Photo: Natalie Goldberg, NMSU - PDC)
Garden sage with holes in the leaf caused by hail
Hail damage on sage
(Photo: Natalie Goldberg, NMSU - PDC)

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