Tuesday, October 6, 2015

NMSU's Extension Service to Host Plant Clinics in Lordsburg and the Mimbres Valley

New Mexico State University’s Extension Plant Sciences department will host a Plant Clinic at several farmers’ markets this summer and fall, to help educate the community about horticultural practices and pest management, including identification of insect, weed, and disease problems.

“We encourage anyone who is interested in gardening and has a question that they have not been able to get answered, to come out and visit with us,” said Natalie Goldberg, department head of NMSU’s Extension Plant Sciences. “If they have problem plants or pests that they would like to have identified, they are encouraged to bring us a sample of the plant or pest.”

The question-and-answer sessions will be hosted by three specialists: Carol Sutherland, Extension Entomologist; Leslie Beck, Extension Weed Scientist, and Goldberg, Extension Plant Pathologist. In addition, the county Extension agent will be available to help answer questions.

“Some problems people bring to the clinic might be resolved on the spot, but others might need more background information to complete an answer, so we’ll make sure we have the client’s contact information and specific question written down so we can contact them later,” said Sutherland, who will have a collection of insects on display for additional questions.

Goldberg added they hope to answer most questions but if they can’t, they will either take back samples for further analysis or connect clients with other experts.

“Plant Clinics are a great way to interact with people not familiar with the great variety of information available through the Cooperative Extension Service,” Sutherland said.

Advertising flyer for Hildago plant clinic
Flyer for farmers' Market plant clinic in Lordsburg, NM

Advertising flyer for the Mimbres Valley Harvest Festival
Flyer for Mimbres Valley Harvest Festival plant clinic

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