Friday, June 26, 2015

Herbicide Injury on Landscape Plants

Herbicide injury on
(Photo: NMSU- PDC)
Featured Diagnosis: Herbicide Injury. Beware! Herbicide applications in ornamental and turf settings can have unintended consequences. Many herbicides used to manage broadleafed plants are non-selective and can adversely affect desirable trees and shrubs. Some common symptoms include: leaf deformity (e.g. curling, cupping, twisting, and shortened or lengthened internodes), yellowing, wilting, defoliation and, in severe cases, branch dieback or plant death. The ultimate damage to the plant will depend on several factors including, application rate, environmental conditions and overall plant health. In many cases, the plants will recover with time.

Hervicide injury on mulberry
(Photo: NMSU-PDC)
Herbicide injury on ash
(Photo: NMSU-PDC)

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